Supervisory Academy

Supervisory Academy helps you succeed by:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduces cost due to improved business processes
  • Reduces turnover
  • Increases retention
  • Fosters communication
  • Improves employee satisfaction/abilities

Average training rating: 4.8/5!

Average increase in learning: 48%!

It has been said that “Adults don’t need to be taught so much as they need to be reminded”. The process of becoming more aware of how you interact with others and why that style is or is not effective is one of the key objectives of this academy and is a foundational skill of becoming an effective supervisor and leader. This training will be your opportunity to practice new skills and make them the new norm for your work as a supervisor or potential supervisor. You are (or have been) embarking upon one of the greatest challenges you will ever make in your professional life. In short, you have been put in a leadership position. The Supervisory Academy will help you understand how to be an effective Supervisor in your leadership role. You will learn how to deal with the daily trials you face as you navigate your position. You will also learn how to recognize the responsibilities you have as a supervisor, to yourself, your team, and your organization. As you partake in this academy, you will begin to recognize and appreciate the strengths in your employees and learn how to develop and condition those strengths to better your organization.
This training is an interactive, facilitator-led process that requires active participation by the participants. You will have the opportunity to share your experiences as a supervisor/leader and will get to hear the perspective of the other participants.

Topics Covered:

  1. Fundamentals of Supervision
  2. Understanding Personalities
  3. Communication Concepts
  4. Communication Skills
  5. Navigating Conflict
  6. Cultural & Generational Diversity
  7. Teamwork & Coaching
  8. Motivating People
  9. Delegating & Managing Change
  10. Decision Making & Problem Solving
  11. Organizational Skills & Time Management
  12. Putting it All Together with Attitude

This class is interactive as well as discussion orientated. It is designed to be fully customizable to your employee training needs and we are able to conduct this training at your site or ours.

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