DDI Training

Two of our most recommended DDI trainings:

  1. Leading Self, Teams, and Results (approximately 17-20 hours but can be customized)

Leaders are the biggest driver of employee engagement. Help leaders make their teams feel valued, respected, and empowered. With the skills to create an inclusive environment and build trust, leaders can increase engagement levels and boost retention rates and business results.

  1. Core 480: Leadership Essentials (approximately11-13 hours but can be customized)

Build the essential skills that every leader needs to be successful in their everyday interactions. With only 480 minutes in each workday, leaders need the essential interpersonal skills to communicate with and coach their teams to success. The Core 480: Leadership Essentials program is a blended learning experience that builds a strong foundation for your managers.

Course Listing:

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  • Accelerating Business Decisions
  • Addressing Poor Performance
  • Advanced Coaching
  • Building and Sustaining Trust
  • Coaching: Move People Forward
  • Coaching for Peak Performance
  • Communicating for Leadership Success
  • Communicating with Impact
  • Communication: Connect Through Conversations
  • Conversations to Inspire Performance
  • Creating an Inclusive Environment
  • Delegating with Purpose
  • Delegation: Engage and Empower People
  • Developing Yourself and Others
  • Driving Change
  • Embracing Change
  • Engaging and Retaining Talent
  • Executing Strategy at the Front Line
  • Fostering Innovation
  • High-Impact Feedback and Listening
  • Interaction Essentials
  • SM for Leaders
  • Leading Meetings: Use Time Effectively
  • Leading Self: Turn Awareness into Impact
  • Leading Virtually
  • Making High-Quality Decisions
  • Making Sense of Business: A Simulation
  • Maximizing Team Performance
  • Navigating Beyond Conflict
  • Networking for Enhanced Collaboration
  • Planning and Managing Resources
  • Reinforcing Leadership Development
  • Resolving Workplace Conflict
  • Setting Goals and Reviewing Results
  • Strategies for Influencing Others
  • Strengthening Your Partnerships
  • Taking the HEAT
  • Valuing Differences
  • Working as a High-Performing Team
  • Your Leadership Journey

These classes are interactive as well as discussion orientated. They are designed to be fully customizable to your employee training needs and we are able to conduct this training at your site or ours.

Questions? Please contact us at 559.688.3130 or trainingcenter@cos.edu