SACA Employer Showcase

Wednesday, March 27, 2024
11:00 am – 1:00 pm (lunch provided)
Wyndham Visalia – 9000 W Airport Dr, Visalia, CA

The Central Valley is rapidly becoming a hub for advanced manufacturing and automation. There is tremendous potential for Industry 4.0 revolution to strengthen manufacturing in the Central Valley. But ensuring our region captures this opportunity hinges on our ability to develop a world-class skilled workforce. That’s why employers are invited to the upcoming SACA Employer Showcase on March 27th in Visalia. This is a chance for us to come together as a community and align our workforce development strategies with industry’s evolving needs.

At this collaborative event, you’ll:

  • Learn about SACA’s industry-driven certifications validating in-demand skills like programmable logic, networking, robotics, and more.
  • Hear from major employers like [companies] already using SACA certifications to build robust talent pipelines.
  • Provide input to ensure these credentials address the Central Valley’s unique workforce requirements.
  • Explore developing seamless career pathways from education into industry-recognized credentials.
  • Discuss strategies alongside industry, colleges, workforce boards, and others to upskill our current and future workforce.

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SACA Official Industry 4.0 Certification Center

The COS Training Resource Center is now proud to be a SACA Official Industry 4.0 Certification Center. The Smart Automation Certification Alliance (SACA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop and deploy modular Industry 4.0 certifications for a wide range of industries. Their vision is to provide highly affordable, accessible certifications that significantly increase the number of individuals who possess the skills represented by these credentials, thereby ensuring that companies have the highly skilled workers they need, and individuals are prepared to be successful in an Industry 4.0 world.

With the help of their partners, SACA has created certifications that are industry-driven, developed for industry by industry. They are developed through a rigorous process that begins with the creation of truly international skill standards, endorsed by leading experts in Industry 4.0 technologies throughout the world. To learn more about SACA, please download their brochure or read an interview with their Executive Director, Jim Wall.


SACA Silver and Gold Certification Process

SACA offers two levels of certification for each credential topic in the SACA certification system:

  • Silver Certifications are awarded to candidates that successfully pass the written knowledge exam, delivered online through the SACA testing portal. Silver certifications are ideal for individuals seeking to validate their Industry 4.0 knowledge or validate skills when hands-on testing is not available.
  • Gold Certifications are awarded to candidates that successfully pass the written knowledge exam and successfully complete a hands-on performance assessment. Gold certifications are ideal for individuals seeking to demonstrate they possess job-ready, hands-on skills.

SACA certifications are free to students of SACA member institutions. Students can register to take a silver or gold exam by contacting their instructor or an administrator at the SACA member institution.

  • Silver Certification Student Details:
    • Individuals achieve silver certifications by taking a written exam via the SACA online testing portal.
    • Silver certifications are awarded automatically upon successful completion of the online exam, and the individual is notified immediately through the portal.
    • Individuals achieving silver certifications are awarded electronic Silver Certificates issued directly to the individual through the portal.
    • All exams are proctored by an individual from the member institution who is certified as silver-level SACA proctor.
    • If an individual fails an exam, a designated instructor can provide the individual with a prescription for improvement generated by the portal.
    • Individuals are eligible to retake a failed exam 24 hours later.
  • Gold Certification Student Details:
    • Individuals achieve gold certifications by taking a hand`s-on performance test observed by a Gold-level proctor from their institution.
    • Gold-level proctors assess each individual by observing the individual’s performance of hands-on skills in SACA’s gold assessment scenarios using equipment approved by SACA.
    • Proctors enter the results of their observations into the SACA Assessment Portal.
    • Individuals are awarded gold-certification if they successfully perform the SACA assessment scenarios and have also been awarded the silver certification for that credential.
    • Individuals are automatically issued electronic Gold Certificates through the portal.

2024 SACA Showcase

Presented by the Central Valley Mother Lode Regional Consortium to allow local CTE educators to become gold-certified in their respective fields.

  • March 25-29, 2024
  • COS Regional Training Center – 231 N Kelsey St, Visalia, CA 93291
  • Questions about the showcase? Email Gary Potter at