Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

This class is designed for manufacturing technicians to learn PLC system wiring and programming basics to increase their ability to troubleshoot and maintain PLC-controlled processes and machines. Students will perform electrical wiring for an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC and discrete I/O circuits, use a multimeter to troubleshoot discrete I/O circuits, become familiar with navigation of RSLogix 500 software, learn how to establish communications between a programming laptop and a PLC using RSLinx Classic software, learn to use RSLogix 500 software to monitor PLC program logic as a troubleshooting aid, and create basic PLC programs. Lab activities will include troubleshooting practice to allow technicians to diagnose and correct common faults which can occur in PLC systems. Register TODAY!

The class will be mostly hands-on lab activities with about an hour of lecture/demonstration each meeting. This will be a PLC basics course, and will be more focused on using the software as a troubleshooting tool rather than going deep into the PLC programming language itself.

Topics Covered:

  • Review of AC and DC electricity basics
  • Relay Circuits vs PLCs
  • PLC Hardware Architecture
  • Discrete I/O Circuits
  • Wiring a PLC system
  • Multimeter use
  • RSLogix 500 software
  • RSLinx Classic software
  • PLC Data Files and Memory Organization
  • Going Online, Upload, Download
  • Bit-Level Instructions (XIC, XIO, OTE, OTL, OTU)
  • Timer Instructions (TON, TOF, RTO)
  • Counter Instructions (CTU, CTD)
  • Developing basic PLC programs
  • Troubleshooting Discrete I/O Circuits
  • Troubleshooting Sequential Program Logic
  • Diagnosing a Controller Fault


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