Internal Auditor - Quality Systems

This course is designed by professional Quality Management System (QMS) Lead Auditors to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct Internal QMS audits and to contribute to the continual improvement of their organization. Participants will learn to plan, prepare, perform, report and follow-up on the conformance and effective implementation of the Quality Management System (QMS).

This course incorporates the guidelines of International Standard ISO 19011 for auditing management systems and the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems. It is also intended for those interested in conducting management system audits or process audits for other industry specific Quality Management System standards.

This course consists of a balance of lecture, case studies, practical exercises, group workshops and supplemental handout information. The instructor will guide students through real audit scenarios and group discussions so participants can effectively apply what they have learned.

Topics Covered:
  • Introduction to Quality Management Systems
  • Review of ISO 9001:2008 requirements
  • The Process Approach
  • The PDCA cycle
  • Principles of auditing
  • Auditor competence
  • Initiating the audit process
  • Preparing audit activities
  • Conducting the audit – Audit techniques
  • Generating audit findings
  • Preparing the audit report
  • Conducting audit follow-up
  • Corrective action and continuous improvement

This class is interactive as well as discussion orientated. It is designed to be fully customizable to your employee training needs and we are able to conduct this training at your site or ours.

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