Utility Vegetation Management Pre-Inspector Lv. 1

What does a UVM Pre-Inspector do?

A utility vegetation management pre-inspector plays a crucial role in assessing and identifying potential risks related to vegetation near utility infrastructure. Here are some key points about their responsibilities:

1.      Early Detection and Proactive Management: Pre-inspectors thoroughly assess areas around utility lines to identify potential hazards posed by trees and other vegetation. By detecting risks early, they contribute to preventing service disruptions and enhancing safety.

2.     Surveying and Evaluation: They survey circuits and evaluate line clearance to ensure regulatory compliance. This involves assessing potentially hazardous trees that may impact or interfere with utility lines.

3.     Data-Driven Decision-Making: Pre-inspectors provide precise data and actionable insights to utility companies. This enables efficient prioritization and planning of vegetation management activities.

4.     Enhanced Safety: Their work enhances safety for utility workers and the public by reducing the potential for power outages due to vegetation-related issues.

Click here to see a job description by the International Society of Arboriculture 

Why should I become a UVM Pre-Inspector?

Becoming a vegetation management pre-inspector offers several compelling reasons:

1.      Environmental Stewardship: As a pre-inspector, you actively contribute to environmental stewardship. By assessing and managing vegetation around utility infrastructure, you help maintain a balance between human needs and the natural world. Your work ensures that trees and plants coexist harmoniously with utility systems.

2.     Critical Role in Infrastructure Resilience: Pre-inspectors play a pivotal role in maintaining the reliability and resilience of utility networks. By identifying potential risks early, you prevent power outages, reduce service disruptions, and enhance overall system performance.

3.     Problem-Solving and Decision-Making: This role allows you to engage in problem-solving on a daily basis. You’ll evaluate complex situations, prioritize tasks, and make informed decisions. If you enjoy analytical thinking and practical problem-solving, this career path is for you.

4.     Community Impact: Your work directly impacts communities. By ensuring safe clearance around power lines, you contribute to public safety. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that your efforts help keep the lights on for homes, hospitals, and businesses.

5.      Varied Work Environment: As a pre-inspector, you won’t be confined to an office. You’ll be out in the field, exploring different landscapes, and interacting with diverse communities. If you appreciate variety and enjoy being outdoors, this job provides an exciting mix of challenges.

6.     Continuous Learning: The utility industry evolves, and so will your knowledge. From understanding tree species to staying updated on regulations, you’ll engage in continuous learning. If you’re curious and eager to expand your expertise, this role offers growth opportunities.

7.     Collaboration and Communication: Pre-inspectors work closely with utility crews, arborists, and local authorities. Effective communication and collaboration are essential. If you thrive in a team-oriented environment, this career path aligns well.

Being a vegetation management pre-inspector isn’t just a job; it’s a meaningful contribution to community well-being and infrastructure reliability. 🌳🌿⚡

Do you want to learn more about this industry? Watch the short videos below. Additionally, you can find more great videos about the Vegetation Management Industry on the Davey Tree Expert Company’s YouTube channel.



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Dates & Times

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  • August 12th – 23rd, 2024
  • October 14th – 25th, 2024
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All cohorts are Monday – Friday
All class times are 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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The cost of training, materials & equipment, is funded by a grant from PGE. There is no cost to participants. However a $50 refundable deposit is required to discourage no shows, drops and PPE responsibility. The $50 deposit will be refunded upon successful completion of training and return of equipment.

Eligibility requirements:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Clean drivers license record
  • Must commit to attend the full 80 hours, be on time and participate fully

Note: A GED or high school diploma is NOT required.


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Trainees are required to be present at every class session on time. Certificate of Completion will reflect hours completed.  Certificates will only be awarded to those who successfully complete the training and return all PPE Equipment issued.

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