Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

This 20-hour class is designed to give trainees a basic understanding of programmable logic controllers and their functions. After completing the course, trainees will be able to competently get online with a PLC, understand some of the common logic used in PLC programming, make minor online programming edits, and troubleshoot using a ladder logic program. Register TODAY!

The class will be mostly hands-on lab activities with some lecture/demonstration each meeting. This will be a PLC basics course, and will be more focused on using the software as a troubleshooting tool rather than going deep into the PLC programming language itself.

Topics Covered:

  • Basic functions and components of a PLC
  • Introduction to ladder logic
  • Basic instructions used in ladder logic
  • Getting online with a PLC via ethernet
  • Writing a ladder logic program
  • Uploading and downloading a program
  • Online and offline program editing
  • Understanding common advanced programming instructions
  • Troubleshooting using ladder logic

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Dates & Times

  • April 1-29, 2024
    • Registration Closed

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This 16 hour course costs over $500, but is subsidized by the Strong Workforce Grant.

Your cost is only $50 which will be refunded upon your successful completion of the course.


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