Microsoft Office Training

The basic/intermediate or intermediate/advanced Microsoft Office class consists of training in Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint.
The class will use a practical example of working with Data in Excel, writing a report in Word based on that data, and then learning how to present it with PowerPoint. Basic topics include the following, with more complex topics introduced to intermediate/advanced classes.
Topics Include:
  • Introduction to each program
  • Work areas/layouts of each program
  • Formatting text in Word
  • Inserting items/images in Word
  • Layout of page in Word
  • Tracking changes in Word
  • Formulas in Excel
  • Auto fill in Excel
  • Basic math in Excel
  • Graphs/charts in Excel
  • Creating a PowerPoint
  • Slide layout in PowerPoint
  • Transitions/animations in PowerPoint
  • Adding sound/video to PowerPoint
Quotes from previous attendees:
  • “Good class, it will help me at work. Thank you!!”
  • “​Trainer was helpful and patient, great Instructor.”
  • “​I am a visual learner, very helpful to see examples projected.”
This class is very interactive. It is designed to be fully customizable to your employee training needs and we are able to conduct this training at your site or ours.
Please contact us at 559.688.3130 or [email protected]