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Start a new career by completing an online course in Business from Condensed Curriculum International.

  • 24×7 Learner support & course mentors
  • 6 months access to self-paced course
  • Engaging labs, student exercises and course videos
  • All eBooks, textbooks, workbooks and student materials (as applicable)
  • Career resources & other soft skills training
  • National & state certifications available!
  • Certain programs include clinical externships!

To ensure that all students have the resources they need to succeed, students will have access to a career services website where you can create a professional resume, apply to jobs and showcase your skills to local employers.

  • Career readiness and soft skills training, resume writing tips, interview techniques, etc.
  • Career mentors to help students take the next step in their career!
  • Other skills training including lifelong learning skills, certification exam review and more!

“Educational institutions need the best tools available to serve our communities. CCI’s content and service solutions empower us to connect our students to local employers better and faster than ever before.”

Available Trainings

Accounting Math Professional
Algebras and statistics are fundamental skills individuals require for success regardless of the industry they enter, particularly in pursuing careers in business or Computer Science.

Accounting Professional
This program provides students the basic competencies involved in an accounting or financial role for small businesses or in a support role for CPAs and other accounting professionals in a larger firm.

Administrative Assistant w/Bookkeeping & Quickbooks
Demand for administrative professionals is estimated to grow 14% through 2030. Combined with QuickBooks software training, you’ll be on your way!

Associate Professional in Human Resources
The number of HR professionals in the U.S. is expected to rise faster than the national average over the next 10 years, making this a great focus for students looking to enter the business world.

Business Communication Professional
This program offers Learners the basic competencies involved in effective communication and team work between those at the very top of a company through to middle management, first-line supervision and line workers.

Business Information Systems Professional
As technology becomes a bigger part of everyday business, the systems and programs used by organizations and the people who understand them are in higher and higher demand.

Business Law Specialist
The laws governing business and the operations within are based on fundamental principals that stretch back to the simplest beginnings of commerce and trade.

Business Management Professional
This program provides students the basic competencies involved in leading a team whether from the very top of a company, middle management or first-time supervision.

Business Math Specialist
The ability to analyze and interpret data is more and more valued in this data  – and information – driven world. Interpreting data for business – no matter what sector it is – is imperative to making informed decisions.

Finance Professional
Finance professionals have the opportunity to put their skills to work in a number of different fields providing analytical support that helps to drive the most important decisions for C-level executives.

Organizational Behavior Professional
This program addresses how a company functions with the make-up of talent, roles and responsibilities, needs and various divisions that can run effectively and efficiently.

Public Speaking Expert
Public speaking is essential to success in any sales or management role, but will also prove extremely useful for any professional looking toward advancement in their current position.

Human Resources Professional
Today’s HR professionals are increasingly involved in company initiatives and strategic planning. Start training today to ensure you have the necessary credentials to offer a full suite of skills to your company or organization.

Professional Bookkeeping with Quickbooks
Bookkeepers play one of the most important roles in any company working very closely with management in the day-to-day operation of the business.

From drafting the initial business plan to financing your vision and managing your staff, the Entrepreneurship program covers everything successful entrepreneurs require to start, build and grow their next venture.

Marketing Professional
Learners will explore the elements of market research, identifying target customers, branding, pricing, developing product offers, and developing marketing communications for various distribution channels.